Aims and Scope

The Journal of Islam and Management is a semi-annual journal and an editorially independent publication owned by Iran Research Institute of Hawzah and University and aims to be a publication of international repute for reporting current regional and international adventures in all aspects of the Islamic management. JIM welcomes contribu­tions in this field in the form of original research articles, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The Journal seeks to provide its readers with the highest quality scientific information published through a process of careful peer reviews and editorial comments. All pub­lications are in Persian and English. The following are the most important objectives of the JIM have been introduced below:

1)      Developing and promoting research in the foundations and theories of management;

2)      Expansion and promotion of research in explanation of Islamic approaches and views in the field of principles, subject matters and issues of management;

3)      Providing grounds for the exchange of ideas and thoughts on the subject of Islamic management and improvement and promotion of communication and interaction (including attitudes, subject matters and methodology) between Hawzah and university sciences in this field;

4)      Preparing the groundwork for the production of knowledge and ideas in the field of Islamic management;

5)      Publication of the latest researches and theories on the subject of Islamic management;

6)      Dissemination of information among researchers, professors, university lecturers and students of management;

7)      Distribution of scientific information in the field of management among the JIM's addressees.

To let individual researchers and libraries have access to the most recent research findings in the field, the journal allows open-access to its articles. This journal utilizes the Magiran and Noormags preservation systems to create a distributed archiving system for individual and libraries and to permit libraries stakeholders to create permanent archives of the journal.